10 January 2015

|Stacking the Shelves| Why Kuecki isn't as disciplined as Maura is..

Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tyngas Review.


So, although I'm participating in Crinis TBR Reduction Challenge I've got 4 new books in the first week of January. I didn't think it was that much, but here I am. I got 4 books, but I already read one of them and so I don't think it counts as TBR increase. So I've three books to add, and I already read 3 books in January, so I've to read 5 more books til the end of January. And, most important: I'm not allowed to receive any more books.
I bought My True Love Gave To Me by a bunch of different authors and The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson from Fabian. He did a unhaul on his blog and I couldn't help myself but buy those beautiful books. I'm so happy to have the US Edition of MTLGTM, because I think I'm the only person in the world who doesn't like the UK one. I know, it isn't Christmas any more, but I think it will be as good as if I'd have read it around Christmas. KoD was on my Christmas wishlist and I was pretty disappointed when I didn't get it. So I was even happier when Fabian wanted to sell it for 9€. Maybe it was fate that I didn't get this one for Christmas :D
I already read the whole Everneath-Series, but I love this series so much that I wanted to own all books of it not only in German, but in English. So I was really happy when Rebecci got me the book in a Book Surprise group. So maybe I'll be able to reread Everneath by Brodi Ashton soon. I think the second one is my favorite in the series, but I like the first one pretty much as well. The third one is my least favorite (the ending...-.-)

I'm so into High Fantasy at the moment I can't even! So I bought this one on my Kindle and ordered two more books. Hopefully they won't arrive before February, so that I can count them for my February TBR stats. Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence sounded really good and I kinda really like the cover. It looks pretty dark and the main character is not older than THRITEEN! I'm so excited to read this, it sounds incredible good, although I haven't heard anyone talk about it. so if you read it let me know your thoughts!


NONE! (Kuecki: See what I mean?)


  1. Hii Kücki,
    why do you ALWAYS have so many new Books in your shelf!! It's a tragedy!! ;D 've a aim: Only 1 book per month…. It really is hard, but I want to try it, so I don't have any new books this year until now^^

    hugs Anna

    1. Hey Anna :)

      *shame on me* :D I don't know, I think I'm just to addicted to them xD I mean...they're SO FREAKING BEAUTIFUL I CAN'T EVEN!
      WHAT?! I don't think I could stand this, but stay strong Anna! :)

      Hugs back <3

  2. Hello there my fellow English Blogger :)

    I feel the struggle of not being able to get any books because of some stupid BOOK BUYING BAN or WHATEVER!! I mean, it worked well for me last year, really. I'm doing it this year again, and the only books I'm allowed to get are those I have to read for school and those published in 2015 which I mentioned in that post :)

    However, although I'd been overwhelmed by the masiveness (?) of my Christmas presents, I spontaneously bought LOOKING FOR ALASKA at Munich train station. You know, I had like 40mins to change trains, and I was in that little book store, and I've been looking at LFA for YEARS now and... I had money with me.


    But other than that little accident (which I'm sure you'll forgive me for), I think I've been doing quite well the first... 10 days of the Ban. Jesus, ONLY TEN DAYS HAVE PASSED.

    I'll be dead by the time I've read all my unread books, definitely x.x

    Also I don't include the books on my Kindle in my TBR, because... I only read on my Kindle when I'm out and about, and then mostly classics which are FOR FREE, so it's not like I SPEND anything on them, right?

    Have a lovely night :)