17 January 2015

[Stacking the Shelves] Cheap eBooks are our downfall!

Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tyngas Review.


This week I got - thanks to Kuecki - three eBooks, which were again pretty cheap:

I'm not quite sure, if I really want to read Afterworlds. I didn't like Uglies and I will probably never finish this series, but on the other hand everyone seems to love this author, so I just have to give him a second chance, right? About Red Rising I've already heard many good things, therefore I couldn't say no to this special offer. And The Rain sounds pretty amazing and Benjamin from Benjaminoftomes loves it, that's why I just had to buy it. Do you know any of those books? Have you already read them and what do you think about them?


Since I've bought a lot of eBooks because of my dear Maura, I decided to look for cheap eBooks myself. Yeah, I was really successful: I saw 6 eBooks for less than 3€, so I shared them with Twitter and bought these three beauties for myself.
I feel like a lot of people discussed Red Rising lately, because of the second book in this trilogy, which came out this month. I took care that I didn't hear much about it, because I think it's always more fun to read a book without even knowing what it is about. But I think I read that it takes place on the Mars and is a bit like the Hunger Games. So: I'm in!
I heard Benjaminoftomes raving about The Rain and so I put in on my wishlist. When it was cheap, I bought it. The story sounds really cool! In a futuristic world there's kinda paranormal rain and if you are touched by it's drops, you'll die. And then there's a girl who has to find her parents or something like that. It sounded pretty cool and I'm looking forward to read it.
For TBR Reduction Challenge Jule wanted me to read Steelheart. I have to German Edition on my SuB, but I'd prefer reading it in English, so when it was available for like 2€ I bought it. I really like the cover! Maura didn't like the book that much, but I hope I'll like it though!


  1. I wish you both a lot of fun with "Red Rising", I totally enjoyed it! I am very glat, that the next one is already out there. But I think I will wait for the German Version in April. I have so many books to read ;)

    Greetings Tina

  2. Thank you! I really hope I'll enjoy it as much as you did! :D