17 March 2015

[Top EIGHT Tuesday| My Spring TBR!

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Hey guys!

I know, it's been a while since a posted regularly twice a week, but I was pretty stressed in school, so I try to do TTT regularly again and hopefully I'll managed to at least post every second week a new review. SO SORRY FOR THAT! :(

However, today I wanna show you my spring TBR, which only includes 8 books instead of ten. Naturally I want to read more than eight books, but I want to choose them out of the blue, so I don't like to plan what to read next. But there are 8 certain books I just have to read!
 I was in a bad reading slump, but two days ago I decided to read "Prisoner of Night and Fog" by Anna Blankman. And I loved it! It was gripping and so well done. Of course, now I can't wait for the second book to come out. The cover is so pretty and I hope the book will be great, too!
After Prisoner of Night and Fog I wanted to read more historical fiction, and two amazing girls recommended The Bronze Horseman to me. It sounds great and I meant to read it for a while, so now I hope I'll finally read it.
Together with two blogger friends I read Promise of Blood in February and it was a fantastic fantasy adventure! I already ordered book two and three in the Powder Mage series and hope to continue on soon!
I'm not a huge fan of the DoSaB series; however, I want to finish this series, though. So I bought the last book and hopefully I'll be reading it very soon.

Oh, I can't wait for The Wicked will rise and ACOTAR! I pre-ordered both of them and think I'll read them in the moment they arrive. I'm so excited for both of them!
I was really surprised by "Girl of Fire and Thorns", so I meant to read the second book in the series for a while now, but I never got to do it, but now I'll read it. I promise. (a little pressure won't hurt, will it?) 
I FINALLY (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) have to read this book! There's nothing more to say. READ IT KUECKI! NOW!!!!

Sooo....I hope I'll fulfill this TBR. So you're allowed to force my to read all those books! 

What do you wanna read this spring?

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