23 March 2015

|Readathon| Easter Book Hunt!

Hey guys!
After or long blogging break we both decided that it would be great to start a new thing during the Easter holidays. So we texted a lot and finally decided to host a readathon!
From the 30th of March to April 5th we're going to hunt not only eggs, but BOOKS! Our goal is to read as many books as possible to reduce our TBR shelf.

But because it's Easter it won't be too easy ;) It's called "Book Hunt" and so we have 3 challenges to complete:

You're going to hunt (aka: READ) written eggs (aka: BOOKS), but although you can hunt whatever you want, we want you to find those three eggs:

A green egg - Read a book with a green cover!

A small egg - Read a book with less than 300 pages

A egg painted with flowers and butterflies - Read a book that gets you into the spring mood!

Those are the three eggs we want you to hunt. You can use a book for more than one challenge, for example if it's a green book with less than 300 pages. But the big goal is:

Read at least 3 books!

It would be awesome if you would join us. We are going to use a hashtag on Twitter, which is: #EasterBookHunt. On Twitter, we'll host reading sprints and keep you updated ;) Added to that you can motivate each other to read as much as possible!

Would you like to join us?

1 comment:

  1. I will definetly participate! I know, it already begun, but I don't have Holidays, until now! So I read one book today and I will join your readathon / book hunt! It's such a lovely idea and I hope I can read at least three books, that would bee super awesome, I think! :D

    Looooots of Love!