17 February 2015

|Top Ten Tuesday| Ten Book Related Problems I Have

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 Sooo guys!

I think this is a really interesting topic :D I consider it more funny than serious, so don't take my 10 "problems" too serious xD

I meant TOO* sorry!

Haha guys...you know: I cannot NOT buy books. This month was sooo bad! I bought like...20 books at it isn't even the 20th of February. Great start Kuecki, we all know you'll cut you TBR pile....
 again TOO* (sorry guys!)
Hahahahaha. I'm currently selling my books because my bookshelves are running out of space.


I have like.....30 series I have to finish and every month I'm starting at least two new ones. This is madness and I know I should start to finish some of my uncompleted series...



And Queen of Shadows.
And Court of Thorns and Roses.
And The Raven King.
And A Darker Shade of Magic.


I feel like I have too high exspectations for real life because I read that many books. Let alone boys: I don't think there'll ever be someone who's as perfect as my fictional boyfriends. I think I aim to high for everything and that sucks. I should be more open for other things instead of wishing my life would be like a fairy tale...

Sometimes there are so many great books I want to read and I can't decide which one to read. And sometimes I end up in a ...


.............. -.-'


The neverending story. There are currently about 120 books on my TBR pile. I know that's not as bad as some of you TBR piles, but it's an ridicolousy high number and I want to reduce my TBR pile.


I love beautiful cover. I love buying an entire series to put them on my shelf and let them be beautiful togehter. But sometimes there are COVER CHANGES! I hate them! I mean....WHY DO YOU DO THIS? I mean, I bought the first few books of a series, they look nice together and then you change the cover, maybe now it looks more beautiful as a standalone, but together with its siblings....NOT NICE!


I'm sorry but there are a lot of hyped books I read and ended up hating them. I wonder if I'd love them if they weren't that hyped, but I don't know. I often find myself loving books who aren't that famous. I've no exspectations and I end up loving them because they blew me away, but I've to admit they had an pretty easy job. 


My laptop isn't working at the moment, so I had to typ this post on my mobile phone. There are probably a bunch of mistakes in my post and it's pretty short, but it's exhausting to write a TTT on my phone. But I hope you enjoyed this anway.



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  1. Kueckibuuhhhh ♥
    Don't ask me why I added this ending to your name but I just felt like it :D
    I can relate to EACH and EVERYONE of your problem which is cool but also not that cool, understand? I men, book problems suck. I love reading but those problems aren't nice. And, I admit, I hated The Hunger Games. Well. at least I didn't like them that much and I guess the simple reason is that they were hyped so feakin' much -_- I'll stop now because I don't want to get into spamming xD
    Lea ♥