24 December 2014

An Introduction...I suppose...


So...I think I'm supposed to write an introduction. For the beginning, you should know that I suck in things like that. Sometimes I write way too much, sometimes I write almost nothing. So, as you can see, or as you'll see because at the moment there aren't any meaningful posts here. But they'll come, or at least I hope.

So, basically this is going to be a book blog, running by a little girl from Germany. This girl was a bit different. She didn't like the real world that much, she rather got lost in books. One day the little girl started a German Blog called Kueckibooks. And she was very happy, because she loved this blog, and she loved to blog. She met a lot of nice people, and one day she met some blogger, who weren't native English speaker but who used to blog in English anyway. So she started to write some English post on her German blog, because since she was you she has loved the English language, and she loved to read in English, so she wanted to try to blog in English as well. That's why she opened a second blog called "On my way to wonderland" to make this dream come true. 

So, I'm glad you found the way to my wonderland. If you want to check out my German blog I'll link it below. 

Now you're in my wonderland! My Name isn't Alice, but you call my Kuecki if you want to. That's not my real name, but its close. And I don't follow the white rabbit to find wonderland, but the call of good books. I'm always looking for good books and hope they'll take me to wonderland. That's why my preferred genre is Fantasy. I love to follow their words into a different world with different creatures and culture. I also really like to read Dystopian or Post-Apocalyptic books. Sometimes I read Contemporary books as well, but I don't like them that much. 

As I told you, I'm from Germany, so English is a foreign language for me. I'll try to make as little mistakes as possible, but I hope it won't disturb you if I'll make some. I'm here to have fun and to improve my English skills, so I'll be thankful for constructive criticism and help, but I don't want you to be unfriendly.

So...this was longer than expected, but anyway, I'm glad I wrote something. I hope you'll stay a bit, let's fill my wonderland with thoughts and amazing people!

Kuecki ♥

Okay, STOP, I think you've forgotten someone: me. You're wondering who I am?  This ominous me is called Maura and she is also from Germany. The similarities don't stop here, though: I own also a German blog: The emotional life of books. And I also love the English language. I love reading in English, writing in English and talking in English (even though my English is not the best, so I will make mistakes, but I really hope they won't disturb you too much!). 
Do you want know some other facts about me? Mhm, okay, I'm sixteen years old. Besides my love of reading I love dancing ballet and modern dance, writing my own stories and blogging (obviously...). 
I do not only read one genre, but I love fantasy, contemporary, YA (of course...), paranormal, biographies and classics (so nearly everything). My favourite books (besides Harry Potter): the Throne of Glass - series, the Shatter me - series, some German classics, the His Dark Materials - series, The DUFF and so on...
So, imagine Kuecki as the Alice, than I'm The Queen of Hearts here. But don't hate me, please. I can be nice. Really! Trust me! I promise I won't behead you!

Maura ♥


  1. Hey Kuecki,
    I love your wonderland idea, especially since I'm reading Dark Wonderland. As soon as I'm on my notebook again, I'll follow you.

    1. Thanks Lea!
      I've to read Splintered but I'm glad that you're liking it so far :D
      That's great, thank you!
      Can't wait for your own blog :)

  2. Hey Kücki!!
    You've got a nice blog here :) I really do like it! I'm excited to read all your following post ^^

    hugs Anna

    1. Thanks Anna!
      I'm also very excited for your own, new English blog :) ♥

  3. Hey :D
    Very nice introduction :)
    Although my english isn´t the best, i want to follow your blog and hope that i will understand most of the things you're writing about :D

    Best wishes

    1. Thank you! And I'm quite sure that you will understand us. ♥

    2. Thanks Haveny :)
      I agree with Maura, in the case that we aren't native English speakers as well our vocabulary won't be that difficult :D ♥

  4. Hi Lovelies! Gosh, I am so excited! I think this is a wonderful (hehe) new project from two really nice girls which are going to fullfill this little blog with nice posts, reviews and I wish you all the best for ON OUR WAY TO WONDERLAND. I am really in love with your first post, you're english skills are so well and I think this will end GORGEOUS. I like both of your german blogs, and I think, this blog is going to be also very nice and maybe in 2015, it is all full wirh great contain. Sorry for my bad english, I hope both of you understand a little bit of what I've tried to say, haha...


    1. Thank you so, so much! ♥
      I'm so happy you enjoyed our first post! I promise many other posts will follow :)
      And no, your English is definitely not bad!

    2. Hey Mara ♥
      Thank you love ♥ I'm so glad that you found our little wonderland, where's the white rabbit you followed? :D
      Mara, you English is great! Thanks for so much support, our blog will be even more wonderful if there are person like you who'll fill it with wonderful comments :) ♥

  5. I really like your idea and hope that you will soon fill the blog with a lot of interesting posts! There aren't so many German bloggers who also read in English, and even less who blog in English. And I love your designs and this blog's layout is also beautiful! I wish you both a of fun :)

    Greetings Tina

    1. Hey Tina :)
      Thanks for all the support!
      You're right, it's sad that there aren't that many bloggers who blog or read in English. But I think a lot of them are afraid that they'll make to many mistakes. I was afraid, too, but Maura and I get so much support from you followers, it's incredible!
      Thank you, Tina ♥